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1st Annual Frighties Awards: The Winners

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

At the start of December we asked you all to help us out and vote in the 1st Annual Frighties, our end-of-year horror film awards. We had 15 categories with 4 nominations in each category covering the usual Best Film, Best Director, Best Writing etc but we also added a few interesting ones like Best One Liner and Best Kill.

Well the response was amazing. You all showed up and cast your votes and we are very happy to announce the winners in each category below.


Other Nominees: Nope, Prey, Deadstream

BEST DIRECTOR: Zach Cregger (Barbarian)

Other Nominees: Ti West (X), Travis Stevens (A Wounded Fawn), Scott Derrickson (The Black Phone)

Ti West was leading in the Best Director category right up until the last few days until Barbarian fans started to vote in their masses and Cregger just pipped West by a few votes.

BEST ACTOR: Alexander Skarsgärd (The Northman)

Other Nominees: Justin Long (Barbarian), Josh Ruben (A Wounded Fawn), Rohan Campbell (Halloween Ends)


Other Nominees: Sarah Lind (A Wounded Fawn), Keke Palmer (Nope), Amber Midthunder (Prey)

Although any the amazing females involved could've walked off with the title of Best Actress and fully deserved it, it was Mia Goth who took an early lead and just kept pushing ahead and never looked back.

BEST WRITING: Jordan Peele (Nope)

Other Nominees: Zach Cregger (Barbarian), Ti West (X), Sarah DeLappe & Kristen Roupenian (Bodies Bodies Bodies)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Bill Skarsgärd (Barbarian)

Other Nominees: Mark Rylance (Bones and All), Kid Cudi (X), David Arquette (Scream)


Other Nominees: Kristen Stewart (Crimes of the Future), Brittany Snow (X), Carmen Machi (Piggy)

This might've been one of the closest races of all the categories with both Ortega and Stewart battling it out from start to finish. Both actresses took the lead multiple times and every time we checked in there was a new leader. Jenna Ortega just squeezed out in front at the very end.

BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: Cody Carpenter, John Carpenter, Daniel A. Davies (Halloween Ends)

Other Nominees: Colin Stetson (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Tales Bates & Chelsea Wolfe (X), Michael Abels (Nope)

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Hoyte Van Hoytema (Nope)

Other Nominees: Rob Hardy (Men), John Mathieson (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness), Eliot Rocket (X)

BEST VILLAIN: Art the Clown from Terrifier 2 (David Howard Thornton)

Other Nominees: Frank from Barbarian (Richard Brake), Bruce from A Wounded Fawn (Josh Ruben), Pearl from X (Mia Goth)

BEST KILL: Art Skins Allie (Terrifier 2)

Other Nominees: The Predator vs the Bear (Prey), Nora Gets Ripped to Shreds (Hellraiser), Alligator Feeding Time (X)

All fantastic nominations here but we really couldn't see any other winner other than our main man Art the Clown. What a brutal scene but it also had a weird comedic undertone to it.

BEST SCARE: Mother Reveal in Barbarian

Other Nominees: The Monster in Smile, Maren meets her mother in Bones and All, Angela/Parasite in DASHCAM


Other Nominees: Prey, Deadstream, Mad God

BEST ONE LINER: "I will not accept a life I do not deserve" (X)

Other Nominees: "Try anything and you're cancelled bro" (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), "Never fuck with the daughter of a serial killer" (Scream), "Are you the psycho or the freak show" (Halloween Ends)

BEST TV/STREAMING SHOW: Stranger Things Season 4

Other Nominees: Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities, FROM, Wednesday

Cabinet of Curiosities took the lead early on mostly because it was so fresh in the horrorfam's head having just aired on Netflix prior to the nomination announcements. But it was always going to be an uphill battle with a phenomenon like Stranger Things.

Congratulations to all the winners and of course all the other nominees too. Thanks again for participating and we hope to bring you another bunch of nominations celebrating the horror genre next December in our 2nd Annual Frighties Awards.

- The Fright Club Team

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